Apartamenty “Kotlina”

  • ul. Kolejowa 175,
               57-500 Bystrzyca Kłodzka
  • tel.: +48 697 259 366
  • e-mail: kontakt

Tourist attrations

Bystrzyca Kłodzka – a pictureque historic town known for its terraced architecture. It houses the only phillumenistic museum (exhibiting matches and matchbox labels) in Europe. We recommend a stroll along the town’s tourist route as well as the climbing park for children situated on the park mountain opposite the town.

Ski resorts

Międzygórze – a small, charming village surrounded by mountains, with a waterfall, a dam and a forest museum. It is a good starting-point for hiking and mountain tours to the nearby Snow Mountain and the Igliczna Mountain with the pilgrimage chapel „St. Mary of the Snow” at its peak.

The stalactite cave „Jaskinia Niedźwiedzia” (Bear Cave) in Kletno – the longest cave complex in the Sudetes and one of the largest caves in Poland. It is advisable to make a reservation by phone or to book tickets on the Internet.

White water rafting on the Eastern Neisse river in Bardo – in a kayak or on a raft

„Air hiking trail” Sky Walk in Dolni Morava (Czech Republic) – Strolling on a 55 metre high viewing platform on the top of the mountain, with lots of other attractions for adults and children.

Stołowe Mountains National Park – We recommend a visit to Błędne Skały (Errant Rocks), a unique rock labyrinth, and after that an ascent to the highest summit of the Table Mountains (Góry Stołowe), the Great Szczeliniec (Szczeliniec Wielki).

Health resorts in the Kłodzko Valley:
Długopole Zdrój
Lądek Zdrój
Polanica Zdrój
Kudowa Zdrój
Duszniki Zdrój

Kłodzko – It is worthwhile to visit the Fortress and the Old Town with its Gothic Bridge built in the 14th century. For families with children we recommend a visit to the miniature park „Minieuroland”.

Gold mine in Złoty Stok - a guided tour through the underground passages of the gold mine and a journey on a pit train or (for the courageous) in a boat.